A product of a small farming community in Planada, California,┬áJacob “Stitch” Duran has made his trademark name a combat sport mainstay. An extensive resume of the highest profile matches in both boxing and MMA highlight Stitch’s career.

Aside from an illustrious career in the fight game, his trade has won him notoriety in the entertainment industry. Duran has appeared as a cut-man in two films of the Rocky film series. In the sixth film, Rocky Balboa, he plays the cut-man for Rocky’s opponent, Mason “The Line” Dixon (played by real-life boxer Antonio Tarver). In the seventh film, Creed, he portrays himself in a supporting role. When Adonis Creed finally convinces Rocky to train him, Rocky surprises Creed with a corner team, in which Duran is included. During the fight against “Pretty” Ricky Conlan, Creed has been blinded in one eye due to swelling. When Creed is asked by the ringside doctor how many fingers is he holding up, Duran taps Creed’s neck the answer, which lets the fight continue. A key moment in the movie.

Stitch continues to enjoy his line of work and is currently a key ambassador to mixed martial arts powerhouse, Bellator MMA.